Achieving the right results in audit analytics

This post is to share details of paper that we have just written for the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) Australia. As an auditor with more than 25 years experience in internal audit, external audit, IT audit and audit analytics I have seen a lot of successful analytics, a lot of moderately successful analytics and a number of analytics that have just failed to achieve their objective.

Data is beautiful. It can tell the most amazing stories. It can be a beautiful history of a company and the transactions that they have performed or it can be a story of someone’s medical events or a billion and one other stories. Data represents so many different things.

Data analytics is the pulling apart, filtering, merging, computing, etc. of that data to bring greater meaning to it and to allow the data to tell the story that it wants to share.

This post is about the paper that I wrote for auditors to help them achieve the right story from their analytics. The paper is titled “A conceptual framework for effective audit analytics” and it was published by the IIA Australia in their monthly bulletin in August 2020. The article can be found here: A conceptual framework for effective audit analytics