Applying Quick Filters to your Arbutus Project

Filters are one of the most useful and versatile commands an auditor (or any data analyst!) can perform. Filters allow users to instantly sort and identify salient data so that further analysis can commence.

An unlimited amount of complex filters can be performed using Arbutus Analyzer’s filter builder, however Arbutus Analyzer’s Quick Filter command allows users to perform common filters in a single right click.

In this brief example we are going to search for terms near “Osama” to quickly search for aliases under which Osama bin Ladin may be hypothetically listed in a No Fly list. In this example to filter data entries that are near Osama bin Ladin, I first used Arbutus’ Smart Search feature to search for ‘Osama.’

1. First, select a cell by left-clicking and then right-click on the selected cell.

2. Next, select Quick Filter, select ‘Replace’ and choose the operator (in this case, we will select ‘Near.’)

3. After applying the quick filter, all results near the selected data point within the table will be shown.

In this example, entries containing ‘Osama’ as well as ‘Usama’ in the first name column have been displayed.

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