Cleaner Results Formatting

When working in Stata your results show in the Results Pane and the output to the results pane wraps based on the width of the Results Pane. This means that if you make the Results Pane narrow then most of your results will wrap around. If you stretch the Results Pane out again the results of any new commands will look nicely formatted (i.e not wrapping), but those results that are already in the Results Pane keep their wrapping.

The problem with the results wrapping is that when you copy and paste any wrapped results from Stata into another application you will need to clean the wrapping out of the output.

If you would prefer to see all your results nicely formatted right from the start of your do file or from your session simply set the line width.

Give it a go and see how much nicer your results will show in the Results Pane.

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