Colouring bars in order of magnitude

Below is a worked example:

Please note that all bars not covered by the first and second places are considered (colored) as the third place.

The commands I used in a do-file are:

input country gdp
1	100
2	110
3	240
4	50
5	10


gsort -gdp

gen gdpred=gdp if _n==1
gen gdpgreen=gdp if _n==2
gen gdpblue=gdp if _n>2


graph hbar gdpred gdpgreen gdpblue, over(country, sort(gdp)          ///
descending) nofill  legend(label(1 "Best") label(2 "2nd best") ///
label(3 "rest") rows(1)) bar(1, color(cranberry))              ///
bar(2, color(dkgreen)) bar(3, color(dknavy))

You may find the book Speaking Stata Graphics useful if you would like to know more on Stata graphs.

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