Distribution plot in Stata

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

You can produce a distribution plot in Stata. I have produced a worked example using the auto.dta dataset. The graph is shown below:

To create the graph above, I used the following commands in a do file:

sysuse auto
version 9.2
keep if foreign
sort weight

gen weight2 = weight^2
regress mpg weight weight2
predict fit
predict se , stdp

#delimit ;
twoway sc mpg weight , pstyle(p3) ms(o) ||
fn weight[3]  - 1000 * normden(x, `=fit[3]' , `=se[3]') ,
range(`=fit[3] -5' `=fit[3] +5') horiz pstyle(p1) ||
fn `=fit[3]' , range(`=weight[3]' `=weight[3]-1000*normden(0, se[3])')
pstyle(p1) ||
fn weight[17] - 1000 * normden(x, `=fit[17]', `=se[17]') ,
range(`=fit[17]-5' `=fit[17]+5') horiz pstyle(p1) ||
fn `=fit[17]', range(`=weight[17]' `=weight[17]-1000*normden(0, se[17])')
pstyle(p1) ||
fn weight[21] - 1000 * normden(x, `=fit[21]' , `=se[21]') ,
range(`=fit[21] -7' `=fit[21] +7') horiz pstyle(p1) ||
fn `=fit[21]', range(`=weight[21]' `=weight[21]-1000*normden(0, se[21])')
pstyle(p1) ||
line fit weight
,clwidth(*2) legend(off) ytitle(Miles per gallon) xtitle(Weight)
title("Scatter with Regression Line and Confidence Interval Densities"
,size(4.8) margin(t=0 b=1.5) span)
caption("graph46", box size(vsmall)position(5) ring(10));
#delimit cr

For more information on Stata graphics, please have a look at the book A Visual Guide to Stata Graphics, 3rd Edition.

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