Downloading and installing Stata 16 on Linux

If you are a Linux user you a probably already pretty computer savvy. This blog is to share with you how you can install Stata 16 onto a Linux computer.

Step 1: Download Stata

Go to The following screen will show.

We will have sent you a username and password in the email we sent you. That email also has your serial number in it.

Fill in the information, including the Stata serial number with which you have been provided. If it is Stata/MP release 16 then it will start with 5016. If it is Stata/SE then it will start with 4016 and if it is Stata/IC then it will start with 3016. When you have entered the information click on "Log in".

When you have access to the page, the server will detect the type of computer you are using. As you are on a Linux computer you will see this screen.

Please note that Stata is now only available for 64-bit architecture and you will require a 64-bit computer running 64-bit Linux to be able to successfully install Stata on your device.

The download is a tar.gz file. It is 407MB. Download the file to your favourite download location on your drive.

Step 2: Installing Stata

Now that you have the download you need to make the directories for it to be stored in.

1. Make a directory into which the tar.gz file can be expanded, for example:

sudo mkdir /home/user1/temp/statadl

2. Go ahead and move the Stata download file into this directory with the command:

sudo mv /home/user1/downloads/Stata16Linux64.tar.gz /home/user1/temp/statadl/Stata16Linux64.tar.gz

3. Expand the tar.gz file with the command:

tar -zxvf Stata16Linux64.tar.gz

This will create the following items in the /statadl/ directory

4. Make a directory for Stata with the command:

sudo mkdir /usr/local/Stata16

5. Now run the command to install Stata:

sudo /home/user1/temp/statadl/install

Step 3: Initialising Stata

Now that you have Stata installed on your computer you need to initialise it. This uses the Serial Number, the Code and Authorisation that are included on the PDF that was attached to the email we sent you. The Code is a 28 digit string in blocks of 4 characters. The Authorisation is a single four character string.

To initialise Stata run the command:

sudo /usr/local/Stata16/stinit

This runs a script with several questions. These are:

Have you read the Software License Agreement?

Do you agree to the License terms?

Please enter your serial number (the number beginning with 5016 or 4016 or 3016).

Please enter your licence code (the 28 digit string).

Please enter your authorisation (the 4 digit string).

Please enter your organisation name.

Please enter your location.

It will then be complete.

Note: I have used sudo with each of the commands here to ensure that I had write permission on the directories.

To run Stata in Linux you have two options:

1. Running it from the Linux command line using the command:

./stata (if you have Stata/IC)

./stata-se (if you have Stata/SE) or

./stata-mp (if you have Stata/MP)

2. Running Stata with a graphical user interface using the command:

./xstata (if you have Stata/IC)

./stata-se (if you have Stata/SE)

./stata-mp (if you have Stata/MP)

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