Editing a Stata Dataset Created in WordStat for Stata

When performing an analysis of unstructured text using WordStat for Stata you can quickly and easily export the results of your analysis back to a Stata dataset.  This allows you to then re-analyse the data in Stata, draw graphs in Stata, perform further statistical analysis of the results or perform many other different types of analysis.

To export the results, navigate to the “Frequencies” tab and click on the button below:

and then select “Export data matrix…”.

I like to select the “Keyword” as the variable name.

Click on “OK” and choose the type of file you want.  Options are:

  1. Provilis Project File (.PPJ)

  2. Stata 13 (.dta)

  3. Stata 14 and newer (.dta)

If you now want to go and edit the Stata dataset, please remember to exit from WordStat, as WordStat places a lock on the file while it has it open.  Once you have the Stata dataset in Stata you can work on it just like a normal Stata file.

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