How to Change your Licence Details in Stata

There are times when you will need to re-initialise your licence. For example if you have renewed your expiring licence or you have purchased a new licence after you have had an evaluation licence. Here we take you through the steps to re-initialise your Stata licence.

Check your Stata Flavour

Before you re-initialise your licence you will need to make sure you have the correct licence flavour installed. Sometimes you will have one flavour installed but your new licence is a different flavour. You will be unable to re-initialise your licence if the wrong flavour is installed.

To change the installed flavour on a Windows computer you can either uninstall Stata and then re-install it, or you can run the Stata16.exe file with Stata still installed and select "Modify" to modify your installation. Either way you will need to select the correct flavour to install as it is listed on your new licence file.

To change the installed flavour on a Mac computer you will need to re-run the installer and choose to install the correct flavour as listed on your new licence file.

If you need to re-download the Stata install file, go to The username and password to download Stata are on the email from Survey Design and Analysis Services that you received when you first purchased your licence. If you have upgraded or renewed your licence you may not have been provided new download codes. You can either use the old download codes from your previous licence purchase, or request new codes by emailing us at

Note: Stata installs different flavours as completely separate applications. This means you can have 3 different applications of Stata on your computer if you were to install all 3 flavours. If you have a flavour of Stata installed that is not your currently purchased flavour I suggest removing it to avoid confusion. You can just delete the unused application, but you will need an administrative account to do so. If you run your old flavour with your new licence it will give you an error and will not allow you to use the application.

How to Re-Initialise your Licence

You will need to re-initialise your licence if your current licence has expired or if you have upgraded your licence flavour. You can re-initialise using the following steps:

1. Open File Explorer (Windows) or Finder(Mac) and navigate to the location of your Stata


For Windows, Stata is installed at C:\Program Files\Stata16

For Mac, Stata is installed at ~\Applications\Stata

2. Close Stata if you have it open.

3. Find the file stata.lic and rename it stata.old. If there is already a stata.old file there,

delete this file before renaming stata.lic.

4. Run Stata. It will ask for your name, organisation, serial number, authorization, and code.

5. Enter your name, you can leave organisation blank if this is a personal licence. Then enter

your serial number, authorization, and code from your licence file.

NOTE: please copy and paste your serial number, authorization and code. This ensures you enter the information correctly. If you choose to type these in yourself and you get an error saying the licence information is incorrect, this means you entered the information incorrectly.

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