• Laura Whiting

How to Download and Activate Stat/Transfer for Windows

To install and activate Stat/Transfer on your Windows computer, use the following instructions.

Part 1 - Downloading and Installing

1. Go to https://stattransfer.com/support/user-downloads/

2. Select the version of Stat/Transfer you own. The latest release is version 15.

3. Select either Windows 32-bit or Windows 64-bit, depending on which version your

computer is running. Most Windows operating systems are installed as 64-bit, however if

you have a 32-bit installation of Windows please select the 32-bit option.

4. The demo version of the software should now be downloading. Once it has finished

downloading, run the .exe file (should be stdemo64.exe or stdemo.exe).

5. You should now see the Setup Wizard. Click "Next".

6. The next screen is the User Agreement. Read through this and if you agree, click "I Agree".

7. The next screen shows the install location for Stat/Transfer. The default install location is

shown, however you can click "Browse..." to change this if you are installing this somewhere


8. The next screen allows you to choose whether to install some extras. If you have Stata

and will be using Stat/Transfer to move data between Stata and other programs, make sure

the option "Stata Support" is selected. You can also choose to install some sample data files

for testing purposes. Once you have chosen what you want to install, click "Install".

9. Stat/Transfer will now install. Once it has finished a final screen will show that the

installation was successful.

Part 2 - Activating Stat/Transfer

1. Open Stat/Transfer on your computer. It can be found by searching stattransfer in the

Windows Cortana search bar.

2. Stat/Transfer will open in Trial mode. Click on the "About" tab along the top.

3. Click on "Activate Online".

4. Enter your 16-digit code, which was emailed to you. Click "Next".

5. Enter your full name, organisation (if applicable), and the email address you want to associate with this licence. Click "Next".

6. Enter a password for this licence. Please be aware the password you choose will be

visible to Circle Systems support staff. Do not choose a password that you use for other

sensitive logins (e.g. bank password). You will need this password whenever you are

activating or de-activating Stat/Transfer.

7. Name the computer you are installing this licence on. Make sure to keep a record of what

you have named this computer. If you need to de-activate Stat/Transfer and you don't have

access to the computer anymore, you will need to know what you named the computer in

order to successfully de-activate.

8. Once you have entered your password and computer name, click "Finish".

9. Restart Stat/Transfer. Your licence should now be successfully activated. You can check this in the "About" tab.


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