How to Download, Install and Activate Stata on a Windows Computer

Step 1: Download Stata

Please note: where `VR’ is used this will be the version number of Stata you have purchased.

1. Go to The following login box should appear in your browser. Enter in your username and password (as provided in the email from Survey Design and Analysis), as well as the other information requested, then click ‘Log in’:

2. Select the ‘Windows’ option for your operating system:

3. Then click on ‘Download SetupStataVR.exe’ (where VR is the version you purchased):

4. The SetupStataVR.exe file should now be downloading, and the following should appear in the bottom left corner of your browser:

NOTE: Please make sure that you have a good internet connection to be able to download the package.

Step 2: Install Stata

1. Once the file is downloaded, double-click on the SetupStataVR.exe file to run it. You will see the following dialogue box appear, please wait until the process is finished:

2. Once the above is finished, the installation will begin. The following should appear on your screen:

Click on ‘Next’, then read and accept the Licence Agreement, then click on ‘Next’:

3. Put the user name and organisation as required. NOTE: if it is a single-user licence, you will need to click on ‘Only for me’. Then click ‘Next’:

4. Select your Stata edition, please make sure that you select the right edition as shown on your licence file:

5. Then you will proceed with the listed ‘Destination Folder’ or browse to choose an alternative folder, then click on ‘Next’:

6. Select the first option to set the documents folder as your Default Working Directory, then click on ‘Next’:

7. Click on ‘Install’ to begin the installation of Stata:

Please wait while the software installs, the following dialogue box should appear while installing:

Step 3: Activate Stata

1. Type stata in the search bar and then click and open the Stata

2. You will then be asked to initialise your licence, enter details in the following dialogue box (please copy-paste your Serial number, Code and Authorization to avoid typing errors):

To find the details required, open the PDF licence file, and you will see serial number, code and authorization.

3. Ensure the following box is checked to register for access to Technical Support. Then click ‘Finish’. The licence is now activated.

If you have any difficulty downloading and installing Stata on your computer, please feel free to contact us at for assistance.