Importing and Defining Excel Files in Arbutus Analyzer

Often auditors receive Excel files requiring audit analysis, so the ability to easily import Excel files into Arbutus Analyzer for further analysis is important.

To import an Excel file into Arbutus Analyzer:

  1. Open an existing project or create a new project

  2. Select Data > New Local Data > Disk

  3. Select the Excel file

  4. Follow the Data Definition Wizard for further prompts to define and organize your data upon import

  5. Name the table and choose the save location

  6. Click Finish

Multiple worksheets can be uploaded to Arbutus Analyzer at once using the above method by selecting all the available worksheets and moving them to the Selected Tables column.

In the following example I want to import a credit card log created on an Excel spreadsheet. The worksheet in Excel is below.

First, I want to open an existing project or create a new project, and then add New Local Data.

Next, I confirm that the file I want to add is indeed an Excel file.

I selected Sheet1 to import by moving it across to the Selected Worksheets pane with the arrows.

After choosing the save location and naming the file, click Finish.

The table now appears in Arbutus Analyzer as below, ready for analysis.

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