Installing Arbutus Analyzer

This post walks you through the installation of Arbutus Analyzer.

Arbutus Analyzer is an application designed for analysis, examination and transformation of small to very large datasets. It is used by auditors, business analysts, data scientists and forensic examiners and fraud investigators. Arbutus Analyzer runs on Windows computers. These steps here show you the steps to install it on a Windows computer.

Step 1: Download

You can download Arbutus Analyzer from Complete the details on the Try page. If you already have a licence key, awesome, if you don't we will arrange one for you either as a trial licence or if you are interested in purchasing we can provide annual licences, perpetual licences or perpetual licences with maintenance and support. After you have completed the form you will be directed to the download page, click on Download. the desktop download is about 141MB.

Step 2: Run the installer

When the download is complete, double click on the download file. This will launch the installer.

Step 3: Select your preferred language

Click OK.

Step 4: The installer will confirm that you have the appropriate files

Click on "Install". Note - you will need administrator rights to install Arbutus.

Step 5: Wait while Arbutus Analyzer installs the required additional packages

This screen shows that the computer onto which Arbutus Analyzer was being installed did not have the Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 SP1 Redistributable Package (x86). The Installer installed this first before installing Arbutus Analyzer.

Step 6: Install Wizard

Follow the instructions on the Install Wizard.

Click Next.

Step 7: Arbutus Software Licence Agreement

Read through the Arbutus Software Licence agreement. If you are satisfied with the terms of the licence agreement then select "I accept the terms in the licence agreement". If you are not satisfied with the terms or cannot agree to them then you should select "I do not accept the terms of the licence agreement". If you do not accept the terms, Arbutus Analyzer will not install. Please contact SDAS for a refund.

Assuming that you agree with the terms, click Next.

Step 8: Install directory

Choose the location into which you would like Arbutus Analyzer installed. The default directory is C:\Program Files (x86)\Arbutus\Analyzer\. If you would like to install it into another location, select "Change...".

If you are satisfied with the default location, click on Next.

Step 9: Choose features

Arbutus Analyzer comes with a large selection of connectors that allow you to connect directly to a range of databases. You don't need to select all of these, but you can. If you are working as a consultant going from client to client, then I recommend installing all of them. If you are instead using Arbutus Analyzer as a dedicated continuous controls monitor which is connecting to a specified database or set of databases, then you could select just those that you need.

Click on Next.

Step 10: Ready to install

The installer has now determined all the features that you want and will now finalise the installation.

Click on Install

Step 11: Launch Analyzer

Once the installation is complete, you can now run Analyzer.

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