Installing QDA Miner on a Mac Running Mac OSX High Sierra

This entry is to help those looking to install QDA Miner 5 on an Apple Macintosh running Mac OSX High Sierra. This techtip should also be helpful for anyone already using QDA Miner on a Macintosh via WineSkin and you have either recently moved up to High Sierra or are about to move up to High Sierra.

When using WineSkin to run Windows applications on a Macintosh with High Sierra you need to change the default screen settings otherwise you will receive an error advising that the files cannot be installed.

These are the steps to fix WineSkin so it will allow the install of QDA Miner on a Mac with High Sierra.

1. Download the latest version of QDA Miner. This can be done from

2. Make sure that you have the latest Wineskin engine.

3. Create a new blank wrapper by clicking on Create New Blank Wineskin. Call it QDAMiner and let Wineskin create the wrapper. This will take a moment or two.

4. When the wrapper creation is finished, click on View Wrapper in Finder.

5. Double click on the new Wineskin icon. If you receive an error advising that it cannot be opened, click OK and try again.

6. On the Wineskin install window, click on Advanced.

7. Then click on Set Screen Options.

8. On the screen options window UNCHECK Auto Detect GPU Info for Direct3D. Click on Done.

9. Select the Tools button across the top to go to the Tools window.

10. Click on the button Winetricks to go to the Winetricks screen.

11. Type Video in the search bar to bring up the settings to configure video output.

12. CHECK the box - videomemorysize=2... "Tell Wine your video card has 2048MB RAM".

13. Click on Run. Click on Run to confirm that you wish to run Winetricks. If you receive an error that your Wineskin is already running return to the Winetricks screen and click on Kill Wineskin Processes. Then do steps 10 - 13 again.

14. Wineskin will process the edits to the configuration. When it is finished click on Close

15. Now you are back on the Advanced Screen, click on Install Software.

16. On the Installer screen click on Choose Setup Executable. Choose the SetupQD5.exe file you downloaded in Step #1.

17. Wineskin should now install your QDA Miner in a virtual instance of Windows on your Mac.

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