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Instructions on New Installation and Re-activation of Stata

Sometimes you might get confused on whether or not you need to re-install your new Stata software. For example, you might have Stata installed already on your computer, but you've purchased a new licence, do you still need to install a brand new software package in this case? This article provides you with a clear guidance on different scenarios where you need to install Stata or just re-activate your Stata with your new licence detail.

Below is a graph demonstrating the different scenario when you need to re-activate your Stata software or install a new software package:

In conclusion, if you are purchasing a new licence because your current licence is expiring or has expired, and the new licence will be under the same version as well as the same edition, in this situation you don't need to re-install the software package. What you need to do is to re-activate your expired Stata licence using your new Stata licence file. We will send you the new licence file through email.

To re-activate your Stata software, firstly, you will need administrator rights on your computer to re-activate Stata. Please then follow the instructions below to install the new Stata licence. You will need the activation key from your Stata Licence File that is attached in the email we send to you.

Re-activation instructions

1. Locate STATA.LIC on your computer. Using Windows Explorer (Windows), Finder (macOS) or File Manager (Linux) navigate to the directory in which your Stata executable files are stored. Usually this is C:\program files\Stata17\ (Windows 10) or Applications/Stata (macOS) or /user/local/Stata17 (linux).


3. Open Stata and enter Serial number, Code and Authorisation as provided in the attached licence file.

4. Follow the prompts on screen.

5. Check that your new licence has been installed. At the Stata command line type -about- to confirm that the serial number and licence type matches your new licence. If the old licence still appears after typing -about-, you may need to re-install Stata.

To re-install Stata, please go into your Stata17 folder (you will need administrator rights) and delete the STATA.LIC file that is located there. Your Stata17 folder is at this directory for windows: C:\Program Files\Stata17 and Applications\Stata for an Apple Macintosh.

Once you have deleted the licence file you should be able to close and re-open Stata and it will prompt you to enter your licence details. At this point please enter your new licence details and the licence will be activated. Please copy and paste the Serial number, Code and Authorisation to avoid mis-typing. Again, check that this has been successful by typing -about- in the command line your Stata.

If your new licence is either under a different edition (but still within Stata 17) or now under a different version (it would be Stata 17), then you will need to install the Software package again on your computer.

Stata download instructions

1. Go to

2. Use the following details to log into the site.

Username: 1627927991 Password: 61JAgxsu

3. Choose the operating system on which you are installing Stata.

4. Follow the instructions on screen to download the appropriate install.

Installation and activation instructions

You will need administrator rights on your computer to install Stata. Follow these instructions to install Stata. You can also refer to the Installation Guide. You will need the activation key from your attached Stata Licence.

1. Open the install file.

2. Read and accept the End User Licence Agreement to proceed with the installation.

3. Follow the instructions on screen. You have purchased Stata/BE.

4. Once you have installed Stata you will need to start Stata to initialise the licence. The first time you run Stata it will ask for your serial number, code and authorisation. Enter them as shown on your Stata licence (attached).

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