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Linking a Stata Help File to a Specific Key on Your Keyboard

There are some help files you will find yourself referencing a lot. One of the help files I am constantly pulling up is the datetime display formats help file, which contains all the different codes for the many different ways of formatting dates in Stata. For help files or searches that you are referencing a lot, you can add these to a global macro in your profile.do which will allow you to open the help file by pressing one of the function keys (e.g. F1) on your keyboard. If you do not know what a profile.do is or how to make one, check out this blog post for more information. In this post I show you how to add a help file to a key on your keyboard for ease of access in Stata.

Worked Example:

I am going to add the help file for datetime display formats to the F4 key on my keyboard. I do this by adding the following line of code to my profile.do:

If you have Stata open you will need to close and re-open it for the changes to your profile.do to be implemented.

Now whenever I press the F4 key on my keyboard, the help file for Stata date display formats is opened. You can change this to any help file by simply changing the help datetime display formats in the above code to help chosen_help_file_name.

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