Missing Window Panes in Stata

The Stata interface has 5 key parts to it:

1. The Command pane (this usually sits bottom centre of the screen)

2. The Results pane (it is the big one usually front and centre of the screen, above the Command pane)

3. The Review pane (this usually sits to the left of the Results pane)

4. The Variables pane (this is usually to the upper right of the screen)

5. The Properties pane (this is usually below the Variables pane)

The Stata interface allows you to shrink these or expand these as you see fit.  Just grab the border between the panes and start moving your mouse.

Sometimes it is possible to make the panes disappear, especially if you have stretched the panes too close to the edge.  If one or more of the panes disappear then in Stata on a Mac you can bring them back by selecting the Windows menu and choosing the window that you are missing.  Alternatively (on a Mac), just type commandKey-1 for the Command pane, commandKey-2 for the Results pane, commandKey-3 for the Review pane, commandKey-4 for the Variables pan and commandKey-5 for the Properties pane.  If you are using a Windows computer, just replace the commandKey stroke with a controlKey stroke.

So next time, if you lose your Stata window panes, it is no pain to get them back!

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