Moving Stata Datasets to Older Versions of Stata (13 or less)

When you are working on the latest version of Stata, there can be issues that arise when you are trying to share data with colleagues or others who do not have the latest version of Stata. Stata has the saveold command for just this reason. This command can be used to save your data in the correct format to be read in Stata 11 or prior, Stata 12 or 13, or Stata 14 onwards.

How to Use:

Worked Example:

I am going to save the auto dataset for use in Stata 12 or 13. In the command pane I type the following:

This saves the file to your current working directory, in this case the default “Documents” directory. Stata gives the following output to tell you what it has done:

This file is now useable by Stata 12 and Stata 13 versions of the software. You can also save in version 11 format, which can be read by Stata 10 and Stata 11.

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