Odds ratio graph

Below is a worked example of odds ratio graph in Stata. The data set I used is nlsw88.dta:

Please note, in order to produce the graph, you will need to have both parmest and egenmore installed. If you haven't installed them before, please use the commands:

ssc install parmest
ssc install egenmore

to install the packages before conducting the process.

Please make sure you install the packages separately, and your internet speed is nice and quick while installing.

Once the packages are installed, please copy the commands in a do-file:

sysuse nlsw88, clear
logit union married never_married collgrad south

parmest, norestore eform
egen axis= axis(estimate), label(parm)

twoway scatter   axis estimate, ///
xline(1) ylab(, valuelabel angle(0)) ||    ///
rcap min95 max95 axis, horizontal               ///
legend(order(1 "point estimate"            ///
2 "95% conf. int.") pos(6))   ///
xtitle("odds ratio") ytitle("")

You may find more useful information in the book Speaking Stata Graphics

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