Segregation of Duties Testing - The Join Command

Segregation of duties testing is an important internal control for any business. The aim might be to ensure that only authorized personnel are accessing certain online records or to ensure maximum efficiency of delegation of duties in a team.

In this example I am using two files – a log file of online user access, and a user list file – to test that staff members are operating within online jurisdictions. My log file has three columns – Date, Change (detailing what type of change was made to an online record) and UserID. My user list has three columns detailing UserID, UserName and UserAccess_Right description (what the user is authorized to be accessing).

My log file record is shown below:

My user list record is shown below:

The common field between the two files is my UserID field, and this is how we will be able to test that employees are working within their User Access Rights. To do this I am going to join the two tables together so that I can undertake further analysis.

To use the Join command in Arbutus Analyzer, I used the following steps:

1. Select Data

2. Select Join

3. The Join command menu will open as below:

4. I selected my key field, UserID, in both tables. I also selected my Secondary table (make sure both are imported in your project file in Arbutus Analyzer) and named my Output table.

And there you have it – both files are now joined together in your new output table.

Now I am able to conduct further analysis to test for proper segregation of duties and online user access compliance using commands such as Smart Search, Fuzzy Duplicates Testing and the Statistics command.

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