Set Up Your Stata Network for Remote Access with a VPN on Linux Computers

Setting up Stata on a Linux computer to access a central Stata licence file is simple. It requires the licence file to be installed on a mounted disk (this ideally is a centralised server). You will need to know the path to the location of the Stata.lic file. This will likely be something like /media/nfs/yourserver/ or something similar. Please consult your IT people to confirm.

Then you will need to install Stata on the individual machines, but do not open Stata to register the licence details. Instead, once you have installed Stata follow the instructions below:

1. Make sure you are logged in as the system administrator for the computer

2. Confirm that your VPN is mounted as a volume

3. Open the Terminal

4. Go to the directory where you have saved Stata. It should be /usr/local/stata or /user/local/stata16.

5. Make sure there is not a stata.lic licence file there already. If there is simply rename it using the following text in the terminal - mv stata.lic stata.old

6. Make a link to the VPN volume using the following text and press enter, replacing ServerName with the name of your VPN volume - ln -s /media/nfs/ServerName/stata.lic stata.lic

7. Close the Terminal

You should now be able to launch Stata or xstata and it will reference the licence file stored on the centralised server.


To see how to do this for Mac see

To see how to do this for Windows see

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