Simple Audit Test - Recalculate GST

As an auditor it is your job to make sure that the accounts of the organisation are presented reasonably, this includes testing that the organisation has correctly collected sales tax / VAT / GST. Using Arbutus Analyzer it is very simple to test the calculation of the goods and services tax. In Australia, GST is applied to most items at 10%. In New Zealand it is 15% on all goods and services. For a nice overview of how the systems differ between Australia and New Zealand see (

In this basic example we are going to assume that all the items are subject to GST at the Australian rate of 10% and that the amount recorded in the \"Sales Amount\" column already includes GST.

To display the GST results in a new column follow these simple steps:

1. Right click on the horizon column bar and click Add Columns

2. Then, click Expression. The expression menu will pop-up.

3. Enter the expression to calculate GST. In this case it is Value_AUD / 11

4. Click on Validate to check that the expression is valid.

5. Then press OK.

The new column formed has calculated the GST on all transactions.

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