Smart Search: Arbutus Analyzer's "Google" for your Data

Auditors often work with massive data files, and need the ability to search for specified values across data sets or within selected fields. Search character, numeric or datetime information using Smart Search to find the data you are looking for. Smart Search will apply a filter to display results that match your search criteria. This versatile function can be used before any further data analysis to search for and display relevant results.

In the following example I am using Smart Search on a credit card transactions files’ Description field and searching the term ‘cash’. This will allow me to quickly filter credit card transactions that are described as cash withdrawals for further analysis.

1. Select the field you wish to search in by clicking on the field name. If you wish to search the entire dataset, skip this step

2. Enter your search terms in the Smart Search box

3. Click Enter

Here, I searched the term ‘cash’ in the Description field to search for cash withdrawals within the credit card log. Enter your search terms in the highlighted section. Smart Search automatically creates the filter ‘SmartSearch(“search term(s)”, Field name).

Use Smart Search for character, numeric, or datetime searches. Combine multiple search terms if required (i.e., searching ‘cash 100’ in this example brings up the record with the Description ‘Cash withdrawal’ and the Amount ‘100’).

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